Agnessa schmon ?

schmon ?
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Des lettres déjàs reçues mots pour mots, ne réponds pas aux questions, des photos tres sexy prisent surement dans un pays tropical. Elle prétend ne jamais être sortie de Russie ! 

Elle m'a contacté avec russian cupid, et son profil a vite disparu !

Echantillons de ses messages

Hi my love Berty.


And  again  your  letter  makes  me glad. Your words are wonderful and moreover are fantastic!!!  Your letters mean very much for me. Every your letter is part of your heart and your soul. Now I understand that why  I  can feel you warm and your smile on the distance. It is happen because  you are just that man that I tried to found very long time. I understood it and I can say you with honest that I want to be with you and spend all my life with you only.


My darling Berty, do you think ever that you can find love through the Internet?  I  never can imagine that. I thought about it many time and now  I  understand  that it is not so easy. I can talk with you, I can understand you, I can feel you but I can not do something more for you and  it  is  make  me  unhappy. :( I know that it is only start of our relationship  and  that  everything will be better than now because we are  teach to understand each other. And now we are ready to check our senses  in  real  life.  As  I  said  it is very important to me and I understand  that  it is very important step in my life. I want to tell you with sure that I’m ready to do this step!!!


My love Berty, I want to talk with you about my travel now. It is not easy  to  me  to say to you these words!!! But I want to be honest and open with you. Honey we went very long and sensible way to be with you together  and  we need to do one a little step for realize our dreams.


Honey  I found travel agency which can help us to be together. Manager told  me  that they can prepare all travel in very short time. They do everything:  visa, international passport and tickets. It is very good and  comfortable  to me because with my job I have no time to do it by my self!!! Lovely I need your help. I have no so much money to come to you!  It  is  very  difficult situation and I can rely on you only. My darling  Berty,  I asking your help with this! I asking my dad about it, but he also has no money right now and he told me that my real man must  prove  his  senses  to you. And that it is real chance to do it.


Honey  I  asked help from my friend but nobody can help me. You are my only  hope!!!  My sweety if you are really ready to be with me, please write a letter to travel agency and ask them about me and my travel to you. I can give you site and support of this travel agency and you may connect with manager directly! I think that you may prepare my trip and I will give you my full data so you can give it to manager of travel agency and decide all these questions to him. I hope that you are really want to be with and ready to help me with my trip!


I  love you and I will wait for your answer with impatient. I kiss and hug you.


Your angel Agnessa.

Hello  my dear friend Berty. I’m happy to receive your letter and want to  say thank you!!! Many  peoples stopped write letters to each other at  this  time but I  think that it is not right. I think that writing letters  is  very  romantic process. I remember that my granny told me that  she  wrote letters  to my grandpa when he was far away from her. She  told  that  with  helps of letters they loved each other more and more. That’s why I  prefer to talk with you by letters.


Now I know something about you and I can start to draw a picture in my head  which  call  “Who   are  you in real life” :-) Every time I try to imagine  you in real life  and I have a little information to draw all your  life.  Therefore  I think that you want to imagine me in my life and  you need more  information about me. Now want to continue to tell you about myself.


As you saw I’m very romantic girl and I love romantic men. Do you love romantic Berty? I  think yes because every man when hi love his woman can do for her  everything. My girlfriend has a boyfriend. He was very hard-hearted  man  and  when he was fall in love with my girlfriend he was  very  varies!! I  know that love can change everybody but only it is  true  love!!!  Did  you  ever love somebody and is it changed your life Berty??


I want to tell you more about myself. I’m every time love to change my image.  I  am  trying   to go with the times. I doing it because I see that  my  friends  with  whom I studied together stopped to look after oneself.  Some  of them  have a family and kids and they say that they do  not need anymore in  their life and they love each other like they are.  It  is  not right  and for your lovely man or woman they must to all to be better than  they are. I want to be better from day by day!!! 


I  love  to  travel.  I’m  every year traveling at many places into my country. As I said Russia  is a beautiful country. We have many rivers and forests, we have  very beautiful places and when I’ll leave Russia I’ll miss but I know  that onetime I can come back here to stay like visitor.


I  have  a  strong  character  because I was brought up my dad. My dad telling  me every time that  I can do everything to change my life and I  can  hope  only  on  myself. Of course my dad will help me with any problems but I want to do  it only by myself. It will make me stronger and  I  know  that it  will need me in future life. But I want to tell you honestly that in  heart I very vulnerable woman. Like a many women I very sentimental.  When I see a romantic movie I’m crying and also I can cry of joy. I’m cry-baby :-)


Ok  dear Berty I finishing this letter and I will wait for your answer with  impatience!


Your Agnessa.




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