Margo Ushenka

Modèle d'arnaque

Rien que du classique sauf que cette fois ci j'ai reçu exactement le même courrier de 2 femems différentes , Margo et Agnessa. A la 5eme lettre sont amoureuse, veulent venir en France. A la 6eme organise tout. A la 7eme ont besoin d'argent...

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my friend Erwan.


I  think  that  I  can name you my friend because this will help me to communicate  with  you.   I  will  be  able to open you my soul and my feelings. So I want to start.


I  want  to  say  thank you that you wrote me back. I want to tell you something about me. It  will help you to know who am I.


I  live in Russia. It’s beautiful country but it is not the best place where  I want to live  all my life. Therefore I decide to use internet to   find   my  second  half   from  other  country.  I was born 26 of December 1980 at little village and now  I  live at Yoshkar-Ola.  It is  one  of  a  beautiful towns at Russia. I live here with my dad. My dad’s   name  is Alexander.  He  is very  strong man not only physique and of course he have  a  strong  character.  My mother leave us  when I  was  very  little girl.  She  said  that she  do not want to have a family  she want have good  career.  Now  she  lives in Moscow and she is  business woman. My dad  takes care about me  and our family like a real  man!!!  I  love  him  very   very  much!  He   gave  me  a  good education.  I graduated from Krasnoyarsk State Medical  University and now  I  work  at little clinic. I love my job because  my patients are kids. I love kids and therefore I  will  never   understand  my mother who  left  me  and  my  dad. I think that  at  first women must  think about  family  and  kids  and  only  after  that  she can think  about something other things! Do you think so?


As  for  me  women must personify her family because real man wants to have  a wife who can  escort him in business and also be a good mother for his  kids.


Erwan, please tell me something about your life. I want to know you better.  Please,  be with  me honest it will help us be closer to each other!  If  you  can  not   be  open with me because it only our first meeting,  I  think  that some  later you open to me your soul and your


heart. I can open my  heart only for lovely man but I need feel him in spite  of  distance.  Please write me back as soon as possible! I will wait for your letter  with impatient.


Your new friend Margo.




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