Modèle d'arnaque

me contact, de nombreuses photos , texte bien écris, lis les messages, et demande de l'argent pour le visa ....le reste est classique.repporter de nombreuses fois sur les sites de scammers allemand et canadien ;....

Echantillons de ses messages

My honey, I so much miss you and I want to be with you a lot! 

I dream about the place where we will meet. I imagine our first 

meeting and I understand that I need this so much..I can't live 

anymore without you, my honey! So when we will meet and where? 

I understand that we need time to know each other better. But I 

think at the same time that one meeting is much better than 

hundred of letters! Only meeting can decided all important things 

in our lifes! Only during the meeting we can see directly to 

each others' eyes and understand all. One my friend also 

communicated by the Internet and found there the man and they 

also had such situation as we have now. Then the man understood 

her and they met. Now they are married and very happy with each 

other. so you see what the real meeting decides.. I think this 

is really serious thing in our life. And of course this meeting 

needs to be special, because it will be our FIRST meeting. 

I want this meeting romantic, 

special , for both of us.. I dream when we will be only together 

with you.. nobody will be near of us. We will be only together..

only you and me.. I even don't imagine what I will do with you 

when we meet! I want you so much!


Your princess Irina

 User of men... Lie so good.

 User of men... Lie so good. I can't believe ai was so stupid..  


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