Ukraine incity called Luhansk
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Me contacte par le site RUSSIAN CUPID et au troisième mail me demande de lui acheter des bottes car il pleut en Ukraine, pour qu'elle m'arive en bonne santé !!!!!!!!

Echantillons de ses messages

Here I am again :) Hi!

How are you? Miss me? I miss you. Sad that we live so far from each
other. But there is also good thing. Luckily we are living in the age
of technologies and distance can be overcome easily :)

I was thinking of you. Maybe you will find it strange, as we know each
other for not long period of time, but it is true. I think of you
often. And you know what? I like it :)

And I hope that you are thinking of me too :) At least it would be
pleasant to know from you that you think of me and that I am
interesting for you :)

Sweetheart, I want to ask you about something. As I told you, it is
rainy weather here and due to forecasts it will stay here for quite
long time. And I do not have autumn shoes. I am so afraid that i will
fell ill and I can't meet you. Maybe you can help me buy new shoes, so
I can keep my legs dry and warm and will meet you healthy. I have been
to shoe store and the cheapest ones costs 2400 Ukrainian money. It is
around 300 dollars. So i can't afford buying them now. Please, can you
help me with it?

Well, it is time to go, so I will finish my letter. I will come here
again as soon as possible to get to know some news from you. Kiss you.

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