Diana, Felicia

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Diana, Felicia
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Hi,I'm Felicia...Where to begin.. "let me
say first of all that while I am quite sincere about finding someone to
share life with...I am not in a hurry...I wan't to take the time to get
it right." I travel for work ...my sch. Is flexible. I LOVE MUSIC,
jazz,blues,R&R,and much more just not rapp or hip hop. all time fav.
Clapton...love to learn...life has so much to absorb and ponder...Yes
family is very important to me . This is about the future and finding
one man to share a great adventure with for the rest of our lives. There
is no perfect person or perfect mate...and perfect would probably be
boring. I do believe that we all have a "Soul Mate" out there and i'm
seeking mine. While I am not religious I am very spiritual. I am full of
life,love alot of things: music,dancing,quiet time and I do "think out
of the box",so to speak in many ways. I look at things from a wide
prospective. Love a great stimulating conversation and a playful one
aswell. Communication is one of the most important things in a
relationship for me. honesty and ability to compromise.I will give all
these qualities as well.I am a true romantic and desire a relationship
that is sentual,warm,playful fun,and genuine. One w e are both willing
to share in he life and energy to keep it interesting and alive. I am
willing to relocate,for the right life adventure. Life is rewarding and
far more so when shared with another. Let's learn,love,laugh,and enjoy
this adventure together. Hope your here. Thanks for reading.You can't
express fully who you are in this space or in print..If your interested
ask me anything... I do comp. via my cell so I usually can't do chat on
here.even thought it says available. Drop me a note and hopefully we can
Talk via phone. Hearing ones voice means allot! Best of luck to all
here.! Just so you know:my objective here is not a dinner date,a one
night stand,sexual relationship only,or an on line relationship of any
kind. hmm My age is a typo and can;t be changed on here
Thanks again.Best of luck to all!

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