Aina,Any Auzhanova Asylbekovna

Auzhanova Asylbekovna
Auzhanova Aina Asylbekovna
Breuerstrasse 3
51103 Cologne, Germany
Tel. work 004922198257818, personal 004922198257014. Germany code +49.
work 004922198257818
personal 004922198257014
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cette fille se prétend Slovène et habiterai à Cologne bien sûr elle est tombée amoureuse rapidement et voulait venir me voir en france!!mais elle est allée en voyage en russie et a été bloquée par la douane à cause de bijoux qu'elle voulait importer!!et bien sûr il fallait payer 700€ pour la libérer des autorités russes!!mais on me l'a déjà faite, celle-là et I said to her "fuck" et plus aucune nouvelle!!!surprenant , non? 

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goods. They tell me that i had violated their law and they told me that now i have to pay an administrative penalty in accordance with their legislation. Today, the customs officer wrote my name on the administrative record. And he told me that this protocol should i pay them a fine of 25000 russian rubles, and then i can go home. i spent all my money on buying gold jewelry and i now have only 70 euro in my pocket. I have no money so i do not know what to do. Customs officer told me that i can go home, but only after paying a fine. He told me that they do not miss my train as long as i do not pay the fine.  i am very ashamed to ask you for help, but maybe you can help me out with this ridiculous situation? I feel very sorry, but i want to ask you a little bit of money loaned, so i was able to pay the fine to the Customs. Jean-Pierre it's only for a couple of days... I ask you to help me with money borrowed for a couple of days. I'll send you the money right away, as soon as the return home. Jean-Pierre you will be able to lend me 600 euro for a couple of days?i now estimates 25000 russian rubles it will be about 620 euro. Jean-Pierre i am very ashamed to ask you for money, but if i'm at least a little way to you, i beg you to help me, ok? I'll give you your money in a couple of days, as soon as i can get back home in Cologne. I will not deceive you.Jean-Pierre i really hope now that you believe me. Please, if you now see my letter, tell me at once. I'll be in an internet cafe in the train station in Kaliningrad. I am writing to you from an internet cafe because my laptop was also arrested along with my luggage. My phone does not catch here, so i can not even call you. This is the only way for me to contact you now and so i ask you rather answer to my letter. I'll wait for your prompt reply. I beg you, help me. Your Aina

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