Prénom/First name
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Desde el primer mensaje desconfié y en el 4º descubrí que era falso. No llegó a pedirme nada.

La mujer de las fotos...

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello Jordi!!!
How at you business? I hope that all is excellent. Jordi very beautiful name :)! How your mood when you have received my letter, has changed? I Hope that my photo to you was pleasant. Today I send you still my photos!
I hope that my photos are pleasant to you. You also send me many a photo? I hope that I will receive them tomorrow. I will tell more about me directly. My growth of 170 sm, weight of 49 kg. I, appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and the good relation to the near. It it to be pleasant to me in people and what you appreciate?
You like to prepare? I simply adore. Mum has learnt me and now I always and all I do on kitchen itself. It to be pleasant to you, when the woman is able to prepare? You love what dishes? What women are pleasant to you? I, for an example, like men who are kind, sincere and do not deceive. Which will love me just as I it. How you think, you can be it? Or not?
I think that we will soon know it. When we will study each other better.
Than you have been occupied today? I hope, when you receive my letter, it warms you and does your day better.
But my city Izhevsk yes at us it is beautiful. I not to time was not in Spain.
But I very much like to read books.
But at me is not present facebook!
But in Spain I not to time was not!
I do not love winter because at us very coldly. But in the winter at us I am very beautiful also I do not know with what to compare this beauty. As on days off I with the girlfriend go to gymnastics to support itself in the sports form. In the childhood my parents have written down me in ballet where I was engaged about 9 years. Since then I try to go in for sports at leisure. In the summer I like to go for a drive on a bicycle and on the roller fads.
I hope that at you all it is good. I will wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope that I will receive answers to all questions and many your photos.
Yours faithfully Larisa.

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