Olga Maximova

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
wolga82@yahoo.com, wolga82@yandex.com
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Elle se fait arreter à l'aeroport de moscow avec une icone qui voulait vous ammener et elle doit payer 4500€ sinon elle va en prison.

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

. Today I wrote a letter to my mother about my
problem. And my mom said, will also be in trouble. My mother said she
could send me 1,000 euro. It should be another 2000 euro. I hope that
in the morning you'll be able to send 2000 euro. Please do not leave
me in trouble, I do not want to judge me for contraband. But you are
no longer my turn to. You know yourself that it's not my fault there
was a problem. Please do not be offended. I fly to you on Saturday. I
was told that on Saturday I can fly to you. You just need to pay a
fine. Send money via transfers western union. I apologize. I'm very
uncomfortable in front of you. And if the money is transferred to the
account, I'll give you the money personally. Do not worry, everything
will be okay. I'll give you the money personally or at the airport.
Maybe you do not correctly sent the money, and the money back to you
back to your bank account. Do not worry about money in any way to
return back to you. I look forward to you. Really desperate situation.
I sit and cry and worry. I hope that in the morning you will send the
money by western union.

(sans sujet)


This woman is not Olga

This woman is not Olga Maximova, I have been speaking to her for 2 months, Her name is Maria ###########Someone else is using her pictures, and i beleive her

sneaky pete 995

ALso uses the name krasivaya

ALso uses the name krasivaya boginya with email address simpotnayaya@gmail.com

Says her name is Irina

Her letters wil go on and the she needs money for translation costs.

her first letter:

Hi   my  new  friend  William, thanks for writing, and sending me your
pictures too!

I still don't know if you are a match for me,and i am for you, but for
some  reason  you  made  me  interested to know you better. People are
limited in their search, cause for some reason they think their second
half  lives  in  the  next  house,  or in the same street... It is not
obviously,  as  i think, as i believe, Internet is a great opportunity
to  find interesting people, friends, and even more. So... Here i am -
writing my first letter to you.

What  i have to tell you to pick up more attention from you? We almost
do not know each other, only from the site, few phrases to each other.
I  think  i  have  to  start from telling you a some basic information
about  myself  and  my family. My name is Irina, i am 35 years old, my
family  is  pretty  simple - I have just mum and my younger sister. My
dad  left  us  when  I was a kid, and my sister was a little baby girl

I love my sister and mum and I think that she made me a good person, i
want to be like her - kind and caring lady, like she have always been.
I wondered how could she find the time for everybody who needs her. Me
also want to be a person who brings happiness and help to people. What
qualities do you like in people most? I like those people who are able
to  support you first of all with attention. Do you agree with me that
it is so important for us to feel support from our close people?

Speaking a little bit more about myself - i work as teacher of history
of  my  native  city Krasnuy Luch, in the one of local schools. "Those
who  do  not  know  their  past  -  don't have future"- famous sayings
says...  I  have  never  dreamed of being a teacher, but i have always
been  interested in the past of our mankind, so teacher of history was
a good option for me when i was about to enter the university!

Well.  This  is my first try of writing a letter to someone who is far
away  from  me,  so  please  don't  judge me hard, and if you have any
questions  -  feel  free to ask me. Here are few for you - what do you
want  to tell me about yourself? I am interested in everything:))) Tel
me  about  your family, your job, and about the reason why do you like
Ukrainian  girls:)???  It  is  accidentally,  or  you are specifically
searching  for  a lady from my country??? And in my next letter I will
tell you about the reason why I decided to meet a man from abroad, ok?

My    best   wishes  to  you  for  this  day, will be waiting for your
letter back, your new friend Irina)

p.s.  Attached  some  pictures  of  me:)  I didn't have pictures of my
mum and sister, so i will send them to you in my next letter, i hope.






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