Vera, Anzhelika Filippova, , Galina Nikoleva

Vera, Anzhelika Filippova,
, Galina Nikoleva
Modèle d'arnaque

cette fille ( ou ceux qui sont derrière ) et qui est sur tous les sites anti scammers ne lit pas les mails mais a des réponses prêtes.le dernier mail mentionne que ses parents ont eu un accident et que la moto de son frère a été dérobée et réclame de l'argent!!!!

she is also Ulyana Doshebaeva

she is also Ulyana Doshebaeva


Une Adresse Here is my full

Une Adresse

Here is my full details. My name - Vera. my surname - Kazakova. My full home
address: country - Russia, city - Cheboksary, street - Peter Yermolayeva 2,
apartment - 130. Please give me your full name and surname and your full home
address. This is important! I want to have this information before I will begin
any preparations my trip to your country. Write me as soon as possible. I'm
waiting for your letter! I kiss you! Your Vera.


I have been emailing her back

I have been emailing her back and forthfor last 2 months, has not asked for money, but I have not talked to her either on the phone, got a bogus address from her, which led me to this site. The pictures and emails, are exactly like the ones on the site, word for word and pictures same ones I have been receiving the last 2 months. What is her gain in this scam, will I be asked for money from her or does she want to rob my home, gave her my address last month? What a shame these women are out there! I figured if she was a fake, she would have pinched me by now!



New Name, same pictures Vera

New Name, same pictures Vera Kazakova, email: and

She drives a AUDI Q7 her father bought a brand new Volvo XC70 and she had to borrow him 7000 Euro to buy the Car.

Which were all her savings. There for she now is short on the money of the trip and wants me to transfer 1500 Euro............

included her new fake ID


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