elena kisluh

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25 koroCountry: Russia
Name: Elena
Surname: Kisluh
Postal Code: 423578
City: Nizhnekamsk
Street: Korabelnaya 35
Elena <kiselenn@yahoo.com>
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money for visa

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Hello my love

From: Elena <kiselenn@yahoo.com>

To: Roy <ag10458@aol.com>

Date: Sat, Jun 1, 2013 2:54 am


Hello my love Roy!

I arrived today in the Internet cafe 

hoping that I'll see your new message. 

I am very glad that I can read what you wrote to me. 

Thank you very much for what you're writing it to me - great fun for me. 

I love you and I want to be with you. 

You know now, I do not pay attention to any problems, 

Because the most important thing for me is you. 

Also there is nothing more important in the world. 

And now I realize that it is - true love. is what I was looking for all my life. 

So bad to be away from you. 

You know, I often look at the moon at night she is as lonely as I am. 

But even the moon is covered by clouds, 

But there is no one to hug me and take care of. 

I want to be near you. I would like to 

You have covered me under this moon, and I do not want to be lonely anymore. 

Tell me, do you want it? 

I want to get a word from you that you love me. I can not live without it. 

I realized that my search for love 

finished, no one is unnecessary to me but you. 

I want to start a life where there is no place hype 

I want to see a world where there is only you and 

I and we are happy because we are together. 

I love you, and I understand that I can not convey all the feelings through 


Our happiness is in our hands and it is important to appreciate that. 

Life rarely gives opportunities for success and happiness 

and try to use it. 

I want you to be alone with my man, and I'm just your woman. 

I am a good woman and I do not have nude photos. 

A man who loves and respects a woman will never ask about it. 

I have doubts about the sincerity of your feelings. 

I opened my heart to you and trust your love and I'm sad to hear the words of 


I can send you a copy of your passport if you want. I gave you the information, 

why are you asking me again?

Country: Russia

Name: Elena

Surname: Kisluh

Postal Code: 423578 

City: Nizhnekamsk 

Street: Korabelnaya 35

I need your help now 325 euros so that I could begin to make out all the 


I do not want to just be a pen pal. 

I'm surrounded by your kindness, tenderness and love. 

important for me to be together, I do not want to live more than one, I love 


Your love Elena forever.om>nn@yahoo.com>

Vaya pajaro que esta hecha 

Vaya pajaro que esta hecha



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yo tenia mas fotos alguna hasta enseñaba las bragas la muy cerda



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