Lyubov Sayko, Liubov Saiko, Lyubov Saiko, Liubov Sayko


Germany, Austria
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     I met Lyubov Sayko in February 2013 when visiting with her sister Tania Sayko in Kherson, Ukraine. Lyubov seemed a very intelligent and well spoken, articulate girl. Very different from her younger sister - Lyubov had more of a confrontational type personality (what we would call a "Driver"), whereas her sister was more warm and soft-spoken. Lyubov was more harsh and seemed to crave the spotlight. She was very proud of being "The Boss." She called herself "The Boss" a lot and took control of the conversation from the other four of Tania's friends we had over for the evening at my flat in Kherson. 

     That day, I received an e-mail from my friend in Odessa. She told me she had contated Lyubov Sayko online via Lyubov's site on Vkontakte, Marry Cherry, Lyubov had tried to recruit her to make money off of men like me for chat and for meetings. Needless to say, I was surprised as her sister Tania seemed genuinely affectionate towards me. Tania had told me Lyubov ran a dating site that was strictly for "translation" services. I had questioned Tania over and over again if she was paid for chat or meetings with me - she got very angry when I would ask her and called this kind of girl "disgusting." All I had was an e-mail from my friend with the accusation, I had no real concrete proof at that point. 

     I questioned Lyubov about her job and she told me in front of her ssiter and her friends she was a project manager. This was in strict contrast to my friend's e-mail that said Lyubov Sayko was the Director of a dating agency scamming men illegally (as dating fraud is illegal in the Ukraine, and most countries). 

     That evening Tania announced to all her friends and her sister at dinner we would be married in a year or two. Tania seemed genuinine in her intentions to me. All her friends and sister were on board and seemed happy of Tania's announcement. 

     The next day, I received another e-mail from my friend saying that my relationship with Tania is just about money and gifts - as soon as I left town Tania would cut off all contant we me. Again, I was in love, Tania told all her friends and sister in public we would be married in a year or two, so it was difficult for me to believe. After all, this would mean not only her sister, but all her friends were in on the scam too. Was it possible all Tania's friends were scamming me? They were all playing me for money and gifts for Tania?

     At the end of my trip, Tania seemed genuinely sad to see me go. So once again, this was in contrast to my friend's e-mails - also, since my friend was an ex girlfriend I had dated previously, maybe there was just some jealousy? I still had no concrete proof at that point.

     When I got back to Odessa, I was stranded for a couple days due to a flight mix up. My friend e-mailed me the conversation - screen shot of her correspondence with Lyubov Sayko. There was no denying it - it was all there in black and white. Lyubov Sayko was the Director of a dating agency. Lyubov Sayko was using Vkontakte - through the site she created - Marry Cherry to recruit women to make money on chat, visits, and scam men. It is 100% fact. 

     I noticed Tania had hidden all her friends on Facebook and Vkontakte when I got on the computer. I also noticed Tania had set up a new fake profile on Vkontakte with her best friend Inna and the guy I always suspected was her boyfriend (Nikita), Tanya Nikipelova, I confronted Tania and she denied all, said my friend was lying, and got very angry with me. Tania said again she was not paid for chat or meeting with men. 

     When I arrirved back in the USA, Tania cut off all communication with me, just like my friend had stated. I blacklisted Tania so she does not do this to other men and removed her from all dating websites. Lyubov Sayko was the director of an agency recruiting girls to scam men. When I blacklisted Lyubov Sayko she was removed from a dating website and then lost her job. 

     I guess you cannot be the Director of a dating agency scamming men and recruiting girls to commit dating fraud to scam men if you have been identified as a scammer. All was true - Lyubov Sayko and Tania Sayko are scammers - per my knowledge they are criminals per Ukraine law - they are both guilty of dating fraud. 

I was able to attach the

I was able to attach the screen shot of the conversation about Lyubov recruting girls to chat, correspond, and meet men for money. I plan on having her sister Tania put in jail for "dating fraud" - it is a serious crime in the Ukraine. 


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Jean-Pierre Burri

Lyubov has been kicked off

Lyubov has been kicked off and deletd from most sites. I found her on She works very hard at her fraud - she is online all the time. I expect will also remove her from their site shortly, as all the rest have gotten rid of her IMMEDIATELY. She is a KNOWN FRAUD. DO NOT BUY THIS GIRL ANYTHING OR CHAT/CORRESPOND WITH HER - SHE JUST WANTS YOUR MONEY!!!


All sites have removed her

All sites have removed her except for - please note - it seems CONDONES and ENABLES dating fraud. Please not to ANY man using - they have no care for girls who KNOWINGLY use their site for FRAUD as long as they make a buck. 

kenrp713 eventually eventually removed Lyubov Sayko after I pushed them on it and provided more factual and concrete information.

Lyubov Sayko has since been on Холостяк-4 as a contestant. I doubt they know her past criminal history of scamming men - dating fraud in Kherson, Ukraine. 

After Lyubov Sayko was fired from being "The Boss", Director of the scamming dating agency, she started a dog clothes business.

After I notified people in Kherson, Ukraine of Tania and Lyubov Sayko's criminal background - they fled the Ukraine. Now Lyubov spends her time at her grandmother's house in Germany (where Tania lives) and in Austria with her boyfriend.

It seems Lyubov Sayko also had a serious boyfriend when she was on Холостяк-4 - once a fraud always a fraud I guess. She craves the spotlight and attention.

It is also my understanding, when she was a reporter in Kherson, Ukraine, she may have been involved in another scandal that had her removed from her job. 

Some girls like Lyubov Sayko are just born bad. She onlly cares about herself and getting media attention as well as being in the spotlight. Lyubov Sayko does not care who she lies or hurts in order to get what she wants. She is even willing to whore out her sister for money - that is the kind of girl Lyubov Sayko is...who would whore their own sister out for money? Gives you a picture of EXACTLY who Lyubov Sayko is. 

Lyubov Sayko would do ANYTHING for money and the spotlight. She will do ANYTHING to get back on television. It seems she will even go so far as to whore out her own little sister, Tania, as long as Lyubov makes moeny and/or gets attention. 


I have asked both Lyubov and

I have asked both Lyubov and Tania over and over again to return the money and gifts they stole from me with their dating scam against me. Of course, they have no care for how they hurt me or who they hurt in order to get the things they want - in my case money and gifts.

It is obvious to me they will never return a thing to me. They see it as their right to take whatever they want from anyone. They have no care what they do to someone else. 

Furthermore, what is also interesting is Tania seems unable to admit what she did - she KNOWS it was wrong and cannot see herself as a bad person. Tania needs everyone else to tell her she is bad.

Lyubov in contrast, has no concept of right and wrong. Lyubov sees all as hers for the taking no matter what. As long as Lyubov gets money, gifts, the spotlight, attention - she will do ANYTHING and hurt ANYONE to get it. Lyubov has no care and no empathy for anyone - Lyybov only cares about Lyubov.

In good faith, I had supressed this page as a gesture towards Lyubov Sayko to have my things returned to me. I also asked her never to scam other men like me. Then, I found Lyubov Sayko on a another dating site - scamming men AGAIN! When I confronted her with it - sending her the link - she eventually deleted her profile from that website.

This girl does not care who she scams or who she hurts. It is best for EVERYONE to know EXACTLY who Lyubov Sayko is so they are not taken in by her scams. 

It seems this girl will NEVER stop scamming men for money. Who knows what other scams she will do in the future. For this reason, I am permanently returning her to this site so anyone can find her and know EXACTLY who this girl is. 


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