Kotova Street 12, Krasnodon Lugansk region 94470
Modèle d'arnaque

Has photo and hotmail address on Hi-Fi website where she is listed as "Romanian"..  answers hotmail email with the address from Ukraine..  claims to be a dress designer who does not know English.. will send many photos for several days along with love letters then an email comes from Global-trans, Alina Izmailova, asking for money to pay for the translations and internet access for Natalie. This poor girl has spent all of her savings sending you email and is now broke.. however.. she still  has money to send emails to everyone else who writes her.. ummm.. Kingwolf...  

Echantillons de ses messages

As  I have already mentioned, my name is Natalie, I am 26, my birthday
is  on  January,  28.  I  live in a picturesque place, Krasnodon city,
which  is in Ukraine. My city is small, but life here is quite nice. I
will  tell you more about it in my next letter, but trust me, it has a
really  interesting  history  ;) I work as a dressmaker in a tailoring
shop.  By the way, the black dress which you see on one of my pictures
is  made  by  me ;) Talking about likes, I have several hobbies, which
make  me  feel  happy  and relaxed. I like cooking, I think that every
woman  should  have  several special dished to surprise her guests and
pamper  her  beloved  man,  so be sure, I have several secrets and you
will  never  be  hungry! ... etc. ..

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