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ello, my dearest Roy. Oh, God! So many positive emotions bring me your letter. If you could see me now, probably laughing at me.

I am happy as a schoolgirl to get your letter. I want to jump and shout for joy. You're such a nice man, I am very happy that I met you.

And the world will not find such wonderful words to express all my feelings and emotions. This is such a big attraction is the sea of passion

and boundless interest in this new communication and travel. For me it is unforgettable happy moments of my crazy life. I imagine our first meeting,

and my legs were trembling. I really want this with all my heart and soul, and if fate has helped us to find each other, it will help us to meet you.

I'm writing a letter and can not believe that this is happening to me. My head is full of new thoughts and ideas.

I'm ready to share them when we meet face to face. I think that at the meeting, we will not let even a second hand one another.

I am confident that we have a lot of feelings for each other and I look forward with great impatience that happy moment when I see you at the airport.

Those happy moments of my life, I have not changed no matter what the world's wealth. It's priceless. And my words are not enough to convey my thoughts to you.

You must feel it every cell of your body. You should feel this way I can feel it.

     My Dear Roy, I was talking to my friends who travel a lot. They advised me very good travel agency. Today after work I was visiting a travel agency.

Manager told me that I can travel. I should have an international passport and visa cards. Self-processing of documents is very time consuming,

I'm not ready to spend my vacation on the design of an international passport. The manager said that the travel agency working with many of the embassies

of the world and they can easily get a visa. The same agency will issue an international passport to me for two weeks. It is very convenient,

because my vacation will start in twenty days. I have enough time to prepare for the trip. I talked to my mom. She is very happy for me and for us.

But she unfortunately can not help me with this. The amount of travel is very big for our modest family. I have to pay for rent,

so after a trip I could go on living in this apartment. I also asked the help of my friends, but no one can help me. Now my friends also go on trips.

So I ask you for help, my dear Roy. My sweet, if you're really ready to be with me, please write a letter to a travel agency and ask them about me

and  my  trip  to  you. Manager gave me his website and their support:

website  and personal mail to manager

I  think  you  need  my personal information to send manager of travel agency. My full name Anfisa Gavrilovna Vint.

City Kazan, Lenina street, 13, apartment 24. In addition, the manager told me that you need to give them airport code or name of your city.

I think you need to ask to move away from Moscow. I will go to Moscow by myself.

     I am really ashamed to ask you for money, because it is the internet and you may think that I am a liar. But I'm not asking you to send money to me.

I want you to communicate with experts in the field of tourism. I am willing to spend all the money, but I'm sure I will not suffice. What can I say in response? 

I am ashamed that I did not make a fortune state in my years. I have not what is actually in possession. I have no property,

but an old dilapidated house in the countryside with my mom. I have no savings, because with my salary can not be accumulated. 

I'm ashamed to admit it, because it gives rise to poverty alleviation scoff at. I hate it. 

And I help the homeless and sometimes I go to a shelter and gather things for the children in the orphanage. I do not think it is a charity or a handout. 

It's just a cry from the heart. So there! I settled on the fact that I will not have enough money for the trip and I look forward to this gentleman's action on your part. 

     My Dear Roy, I very much hope that we will meet in the near future. I will not have another chance until next year and I am afraid such a long separation.

I was lonely for a long time and I would be very hurt if we do not meet. I look forward to your understanding and generosity.

I really need your support and your letters. Please contact me as soon as you learn about my journey.

I look forward to your new message. With great respect and warm kisses.

     Your Princess Anfisa

Autre nom connu : Vera

Autre nom connu : Vera Lazah 

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