Liste noire des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

Oksana Ushakova

She promises you everything, are coming to meet you, needs money for visa and so on. Allways proplems, needs more money and finally stops…

Irina Sokolova

I have been in contact with this so called person for 6 weeks I check every photo on tineye and this picture came up as stolen

veronika ivanova

she would start asking for money for tickets and visa then create obstacles in russia so you keep paying she would want money sent to western…

irina lisoval

comme d'habitude, mais en plus soft, ne demande rien au départ, fait mine d'avoir un peu d'argent, demande un peu plus pour prendre les billets d'…

Pustovoit Tamara

- Spams you with senseless letters, pretending it were more comfortable for translation

Oxsana/Oksana Kepka

Communicates supposedly via a translation agency,, but has given them her last funds and needs you to send them money to…


Demands money.  Says her father is a police chief.  Tries to get your photo and then says Ukraine's police will attack you if you don't transfer…

Yuliya Repina

Cette personne envoie des messages pour gagner la confiance de la personne, lui envoie des photo de sa supposée vie de tous les jours.

Pustovoit Tamara

Claims she is a businesswoman "My work is my business. I am running company which deals with windows
installing/selling, we do it locally…

Elizaveta Galkina

WhatsApp scheme to fake marriage and come to USA got over$300 us when she claimed she was being evicted and had no money for food messaged me for…

Liliya Jovanovich

Sends and calls in video,  promises of love, marriage, sex and nude photos.  Teenage son and daughter.  Very good liar

Alena Olegovna

Se fait passer pour une infirmière à qui il n’arrive que des malheurs. A chaque fois son voyage est repoussé et j’ai déjà déboursé près de 35.000…

Iryna Palamarchuk

Acuellment  (22.07.2019) elle est arrêté pour aggresion enet Francetententive de m meurtre en Saône et Loire. Rencontre avec un homme sur Facebook…

Elena Soloveva

L'escroc se procure de votre adresse mail puis vos contacte limite du harcelement malgré si vous le repondé pas. 

Kateryna Stanko

Money for visa etc the usual scam

Margareth #375, Рита Мильшина, Rita Milshina Milshina

In may 2nd 2019 i recived a letter from a lady on this website, Margareth lady No. 375 that wanted to corrispond with

ania anya anna oparina

utilisation des réseaux sociaux, skype et sites de rencontres pour rentrer en contact avec hommes européens, opère sous différents pseudonymes


Vlady matched with me on Happn and quickly asked my number. She invited me to meet for diner and even offered to bring a friend.

Tatyana Chernova

Photoshop pro. Don't believe any photo or document. Everything is a lie.

Mariya Makaroshkina

She is real smooth... she emailed me everyday for 3 months... she came on strong right from the start and me the dummy beleived her... she got me…


Elena Saltykova

Cette fille parle parfaitement Français et Anglais. La relation épistolaire est intellectuellement très intéressante. Très vite les contacts…