Liste noire des femmes russes et ukrainiennes

Anastasiya Rakhimova

Recherche une vraie relation sérieuse, infirmière à l'hôpital d'enfants de Nizhnekamsk, tombe amoureuse au bout de 6 mails et cherche abilement…

Angelina Evgenievna Bogatyreva

To Open Visum I need 2.500 Euros


Mariya Yankovskaya

Claims she needs money for phone, for rent, for medical expenses, for sick dog, for anything you will pay.

Elena Mirzoeva

Love scaming, Tinder and other dating sites


On second date she requested present, after she left and block me in phone


she promise to travel together.Take all ticket & compulsery travel  money (total 2650 euro) +my travel loss=3000 euro

Denisa Gejdosova

All was booked since 3rd November for her flights. At the end the day, she makes NO SHOW and no explanation from her.

Ekaterina Kirienko

Rencontrée via Tinder. Me demande de correspondre par mails. Elle a prévu de venir en vacances en France d'ici 3 semaines.



Dasha Guchenko

Has boyfriend bamed Vlad Vlasenko, yet uses daring sites that charge you to chat and email and send gifts. Has no real interest in any men she…

Angelina Bogatyreva

first she asked 345€ for visa and passport, than plane tickets for 1200€, than the agency told her she need it 2500€ in her bank account for food…

Denisa Gejdosova

Angelina Bogatyreva

typical scam asked for 345€ for visa and passport plus 4200€ for electronic ticket and for 90day period to Portugal  


Darya Harina

Falls in love after couple of emails then insists on coming to visit (UK in winter?) and then asks for money for new laptop, visa, plane tickets…

Victoria Pétrova

Cette femme ukrainienne m'a fait croire qu'elle m'aimait. Je suis venu la voir 6 fois à Kharkov. Je lui ai acheté des vêtements,des chaussures,je…

Ekatrina Kropptova

She wanted to come to the US needed money for a visa$500.00 When she went to the travek agency they said she needed a $1200 to show the custom…

Oxana Martynova

Gets you to pay for everything then steals your money and steals from hotels so you pay. Demands gifts and will buy anyway and insist you pay.…

Maria Chorna

1st  time she ask you 130USD for getting her biometric passport so she can travel to you - the she ask money for her train, then she pretends…